We carry out a number of repairs from simply changing an innertube to replacing a bottom bracket.

Services available from a full service to gear and brake service and a safety check.

To simplify your choices, we have created a Service Menu to help you select the most appropriate type of overhaul.

Standard Service £30

Check and adjust headset, gears, brakes. Torque check essential bolts (cranks, stem, bars etc). Inspect transmission system for wear. Check tyre condition & inflate to correct pressures, check spoke tension and wheel alignment. Lubricate chain, brake and gear mechanism's, test ride.

Silver service £80

As Standard service plus: If you use your bike in all conditions you need to do this service at least once a year. Clean and lubricate chain, jockey wheels and sprockets. Remove & re-grease seat pin, stem, wheel Q/R, gear and brake cables where necessary. Strip and grease headset, hubs & bottom bracket. Remove brakes & grease brake mounts. Check tension on all other nuts / bolts on components. Check cable operation & re-grease/ replace where necessary (there may be an extra charge for frames with internal cable routing)

- Bikes must be collected when ready

- A storeage charge of £5 per day may be applied to bikes not collected on time

- Any repairs not collected within a month of being ready will be disposed of to recover our costs

- A £10 cleaning charge will be levied on bikes in an un-reasonable condition

Popular Repairs


Rim brakeFit - £10

Replace pads & adjust - £6

Replace cable & adjust - £6

Hydraulic disc brakeFitting - £15

Replace rotor - £10

Replace pad - £8

Hydraulic Brake Bleeding - £20

Cable Disc brakeFitting - £15


AlignmentTrue & check tension - £6

Replace spoke & true wheel (from) - £10

Replace spoke & true on rear drive side wheel (from) - £15

Puncture Repairfit tyre or tube - £6


Adjust cones - £6

Strip & re-grease front hub - £10

Strip & re-grease rear hub - £12


Remove & fit cassette - £10

Fit chain - £10

Fit gear hanger (inc adjusting) - £12

Replace front or rear gear - £10

Replace gear shifters - £15

Replace gear cable & adjust - £6

Replace bottom bracket (from) - £20

Replace chainset - £10


Re-grease headset - £15

Replace headset - £15

Fit Parts

Computer (Cordless) - £10

Computer (Wired) - £20

Handlebar grips - £5

Handlebar tape - £15

Mudguards - £10

Rear carrier - £10

Pedals - £5

Child Seat - £10

LED lights - £5

At Snowdonia Cycles we value customer loyalty and we believe we should reward you for buying from us. Therefore we offer a discounted rate on services charges and repairs.